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Panda Fever!

Esch a posted Jul 3, 12

With this expansion coming to a close Are You Done is in preparation mode for the new challenges and opportunities that await in Mists of Pandaria. We've made a few changes within the guild structure and we are excited to announce that we are expanding our roster to accommodate a Group 2! Group 2 will be lead by Dartagan, an excellent and very experienced raider. The raid days are Mon, Tues, Weds from 5:00PM-9:00PM PST. Group 1 has decided to add Thurs to our progression schedule. The new progression raid days for Group 1 are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs from 5:30PM-9:30PM PST. There is no better time than now to become a part of our growing community!

Our guild has a lot to offer our potential applicants. We have high goals, stability, motivated players, a friendly community, and a fun raid atmosphere. If you are looking for not just another WoW guild, but a community you can be a part of now and for years to come this is the guild for you!

If any of the above interests you please click on the Apply tab to learn more about our raid groups and submit an application. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them. You can contact an officer via our forums, in game, or add Starfyrez on Real ID: Starfyrez#1996

Group 1 progression raid days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs 5:30PM-9:30PM PST
We are still raiding Dragon Soul (8/8 HM on Tuesdays) and have a high need for a healer of any class for current content and for Mists of Pandaria. Please click on the Apply Tab and submit an application!

Group 2 progression raid days: Mon, Tue, Wed 5:00PM-9:00PM PST
Dragon Soul raiding has concluded and recruitment is open for every class for Mists of Pandaria.  If you wish to continue raiding Dragon Soul you can raid with Group 1 until MoP. Please click on the Apply Tab and submit an application!
Tehan Penis that is all

News Update!

Esch a posted Jun 12, 12

What an expansion it’s been! We've come a long way since making this alt guild our main guild at the end of T11. I want to thank some of our veteran members and friends that are no longer raiding with us for rerolling or transferring your mains from Illidan and Malganis to create this guild and made raiding even possible - Gallowglass, Relax, Neutronix, Carlos, Lobosk, Mile, Bhust, Daeliron, Kdawg, and yes, even Edgi. Thank you for making this game so enjoyable over the years. I will definitely miss the comedy gold you all brought to us and appreciate the time you put into this guild.

Recruitment was certainly a challenge this tier as it was for most guilds. Losing 3 healers and a tank to real life events in two weeks really sucked. However, we were determined to not give up and completed Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic on a mostly two day per week schedule. We are fortunate that not only did our new members fit right in with the guild, they are equally as skilled as they are cool - Tehan, Rational, Cattaclysmic, Renoz, and Dàrtagnan. We all appreciate your easygoing attitudes and you’re exactly what we needed.

I am really proud of our core that is still here. Of the dedication and perseverance through a rocky tier. For being completely unselfish and always putting the guild first. For sticking together and helping to recruit some of the people we have going forward. I am extremely grateful to have you guys - Starfyrez, Kikoku, Revante, Sincalla, and Nazgull. A special thanks to Cuteadin and Satto for making time in their schedule to raid with us despite having a short notice at times. And last, but certainly not least, a shout out to Enderas; our favorite forum troll and reporter.

With Cataclysm coming to a close we have taken a well deserved, short break from raiding. Some of us are playing the MoP Beta and all of us are playing Diablo 3. We’ll be back to main raiding in a week or two until the end of the expansion. I’m definitely looking forward to T14 progression with you guys in Mists of Pandaria and know that our determination to succeed and improve will follow us there.

Speaking of Mists, recruitment is open for healers of any class!

In today's news, local paladin Ltmeow has been kicked yet again, in what is probably related to Are You Dumb's recent spurt of progress, spewing dead heroic bosses left and right, all over various objects and faces and not coming completely out of the hair. AYD now stands at the apex of victory over Dragon Soul, as even the disappointing tentacle rape boss is now vanquished, and Azeroth has been saved from yet another world ending crisis. Again. Many endangered species were killed in raging fires set in rainforests to bring you this kill!

All this triumph over internet dargons has brought yet another wave of recruits, most being considered even worse than Canadians, and speaking about as much English, based on how much they write. Some have proven they have an IQ larger than their shoe size though, which spelled the end of Edgi's raiding spot. Some old faces have returned as well, such as Caradyn, who until recently was just another forum troll like this reporter. Apparently Caradyn also did well in Blizzard's arena minigame, and now reckons himself a Jedi Maestro or something, and cites as proof poor attempts to impersonate Morgan Freeman and angry Nazgul. Ssarge made a showing in a raid and proceeded to dominate lvl 80 ICC meters, and then quit the guild to pursue something a little more his pace, like selling his ass on the street for cheap wine.

Local wannabe Fuhrer Gallowglass, who, like Al Gore, lacks any real authority, has determined to abuse what minute power he has scrounged up on Mumble, and is opposed by Fries in this battle royale of insignificance and nothing.

Bordy, a troubled young mage, cloned himself and is now butthurt in a good way, as neither him nor his clone are now virgins (thanks to each other). In an attempt to prevent the reality that he merely found a hyper elaborate method of masturbation from sinking in, he claimed to take drugs, by which he means something other than his usual habit since 5 of huffing paint, (one year ago) and this has actually improved his demeanor although the part of his brain that controls CC'ing people in rated BG's is likely permanently damaged beyond all repair.

Kiko is the latest victim of the troubled housing market, which like most things in life is caused by angry women on their period. That and losing all your money. Speaking of women, local tryingtoohard Suffernow is attempting to give the young guys in the guild advice on women, which is apparently an attempt to promote Bible awareness, since this of course immediately brings to mind the term "blind leading the blind" which I think Jesus said. I don't know. Nazgul offered more helpful advice, by saying they should look up to Patrick Swayze, by which he means killing themselves and being ghosts, because that's probably more romantic than what they are now.

Guild alt runs have resumed, and they're as painful as ever, most likely because they didn't get ahold of Enderas to carry their shitty alts (or shitty mains). Enderas poignantly captured everything the guild stands for in his deathwing kill screenshot.

Queen shit of turd mountain herself, Esch, recently was quoted saying she "loved this guild" which probably means she wants an orgy or something with each of us taking on of her fat folds and going to town. Unfortunately for her we're all dick sucking homos, and the only one who's penis perked was Shawniee, who was seen digging through trash nearby.

Thanks for joining us and be sure to take Nazgul's woman advice!

Paigu a Tellin ya, he's a great reporter
Esch a The best
nazgull Awesome.

Words Words Words

Esch a posted Mar 21, 12
In today's news, local Fuhrer Esch was seen trolling young boys with her actual name, on RealID, and is expected to soon be seen having a seat over there. Local residents expressed concern, but mostly about not knowing where to put it when their turn came up, since most local residents were still looking forward to high school.

Blizzard announced further Dragon Soul nerfs, saying "we actually just throw darts at a board to decide where we want to take development, but due to budget cuts we removed the plank that said "make challenging and rewarding content" and mostly just drink while fapping to pics our fangirls send in of them dressed up like a night elf.  Players on MMO-Champion had no comment, as they were busy fighting amongst themselves again, bashing on the hardcores, and generally coming to the defense of a company that does not employ them or give them any real reason to sympathize with maximizing corporate profits.

Amateur artists have taken up the traditional MS Paint format, but most people don't get the jokes beyond the usual Edgi bashing. Edgi was getting beaten up by his sister at time of press and was unavailable for comment.

Thank you and join us again!

The Return of Our Savior!!

Paigu a posted Feb 15, 12
After a long haitus in which ignorance about Canada's inferiority was allowed to creep in, local warlock "Neutronix" returns to the raiding scene to erase all doubt. Local mage Bordy was quoted as saying "finally I have someone to give me the buff I'm perpetually whining about, between that and this big black dildo in my ass I'm happy for a change!"

In other news, Are You Done continues its progress in Dragon Soul, and it won't be long now until they wrap up World of Warcraft nicely and reroll in Star Wars, according to local resident Ltmeow, who then went on to talk shit about this reporters girlfriend and then act surprised when he was repaid in kind.

 Former local leader Revante reports satisfaction in his retirement, and says he is greatly enjoying having more time for his work at, which he says is his "true calling, when he's not calling Bordy and Gallow for threesome buttsex."

Thank you and tune in again tomorrow for more news that doesn't matter to you! Film at 11.
Bordy x I just read this for the first time and lol'd. Funny stuff